Our church was founded by a group of Christian recovering addicts 
and alcoholics. We wanted to worship together in order to share the passionate spirituality we had discovered. What we had found was the vitality that bursts forth when we combine our Christian faith with the steps of recovery we rely on to stay clean and sober. Family members joined the group along with some other individuals who appreciate both the simplicity of the 12 step approach and the depth of the Christian faith. 

The founding group affiliated itself with the New Life Christian Fellowship (NLCFI) and officially became a “Charter Church” of NLCFI.

Our location has changed, see our About Us page for more information.

The Alpha Program will begin June 8, 2016. See our News page and/or Contact Us for more information
Welcome To The Bridge!
To carry the gospel message, especially to addicts, alcoholics, their families and others who still suffer, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all the things Jesus commanded us to do, with the faith that He is always with us.  (Matthew 28: 19, 20)
Recoving addicts, alcoholics, and their families and other members of the community will have a church where they can share their Christian faith and continue to grow as a community in love and service by the three-fold path:

Love God
Love one another
Love the lost
By the power of the Holy Spirit to snatch addicts and alcoholics from the gates of hell and the powerlessness of addiction and to walk with them until they accept Christ's gift of eternal salvation.
Bridge to New Life Christian Fellowship | 717-575-4415 | 210 S. 5th Street Reading, PA 19602